Social Security

If you are a working adult in Pennsylvania, part of the deductions on your paycheck go toward Social Security. If you have been working for years, you’ve likely paid considerable amounts into this program. Therefore, if you suffer from a serious illness or are injured, you qualify for benefits. Unfortunately, as many injured or ill workers find out, getting rightful benefits without the help of a social security disability insurance lawyer can be a challenge. If you have suffered an injury or an illness and would like to apply for benefits, speak with a social security disability lawyer at MWC.


Two Programs for Disability Benefits

There are two Social Security Disability (SSD) programs available to you if you are injured or ill and cannot return to work:

  1. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) plan. The SSDI program is based on participation, so if you have worked a traditional job and have paid into Social Security for a set number of hours, you probably qualify for SSDI. You may get this benefit if you are between 18 and 65. If you do qualify, you will be eligible for Medicaid after two years of receiving SSDI benefits. If you have dependents (such as children or a spouse), your children and spouse may be able to receive auxiliary benefits if you qualify for SSDI.
  2. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) plan. The SSI is based on need and is funded by general taxes. To qualify, you must have a very low income and very limited assets. If you qualify for SSI, you also qualify for Medicaid and food stamps as well.

Why Do You Need an Attorney?

Since workers pay into the SSDI plan and the SSI plan is need-based, many employees assume they don’t need an attorney if they want to apply for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The application process can be quite frustrating for those who apply without an SSI lawyer. First-time applicants applying without the help of a Social security disability insurance lawyer have a failure rate of up to 70%, meaning the vast majority of first-time claims are denied.

Working with an SSD lawyer at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. can help you avoid the red tape and frustration. An attorney from our offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania can ensure you submit the strongest application possible. If you have already been denied benefits, our attorneys can work to appeal the decision.

The attorneys at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. know one of the most common reasons why Social Security disability applications get rejected is because of insufficient medical evidence. Simply having a doctor declare you disabled is not enough. You need to support your claim with very strong medical evidence, proving you cannot return to your usual work duties and that you are disabled or severely injured. Classifying your disability or condition accurately is vital to ensuring you get the benefits you deserve.

Securing Benefits

Applying for SSDI or SSI is about more than just replacing an income. In many cases, you need these benefits to provide for your family, meet your financial obligations and pay your bills. You don’t want to have the stress of worrying whether your application will be rejected or whether you will be left unable to pay for your home or groceries.

Unfortunately, the application process for SSI and SSDI is very confusing. If you have been injured or permanently disabled, you may need to focus on your physical recovery rather than on paperwork. Fortunately, the attorneys at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. are available to offer support. Contact our offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania today. We will be happy to offer you a free consultation with our experienced attorneys.

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