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The attorneys at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. strongly believe that individuals who take advantage of the innocence and vulnerability of children must be stopped. For decades, the attorneys at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. have advocated powerfully on behalf of children and families who have suffered childhood sexual abuse.

If your child has been targeted in child care, day care or another care setting, give our law firm a call for a free consultation. Our sensitive and empathetic attorneys will be pleased to meet with your family to review what steps you can take to safeguard your family and protect your children’s future.

Sexual Abuse in Care Environments

When children are placed in any sort of caregiving environment, the caregivers are being placed in a position of trust. Unfortunately, caregivers can abuse their positions of trust, resulting in:

  • Sexual abuse by day care providers. Daycares are supposed to be safe and happy places where children can learn social skills. Unfortunately, some day care providers are not only negligent, but they actively target and victimize the children in their care.
  • Sexual abuse in child care settings. Any child care setting — including babysitting situations — can result in abuse if the care provider is a predator.
  • Sexual abuse in foster home settings. Unfortunately, children placed in foster homes can be especially vulnerable. Social workers and other authorities who are supposed to look out for foster children are often overwhelmed by heavy caseloads and may not always check up adequately enough to notice abuse.

If your child has been targeted by a perpetrator, you deserve justice. Speaking to a personal injury attorney and seeking a claim against the offender ensures they will not get away with what they have done. Seeking justice through a civil court can also secure compensation for your child so you can pay for therapy, counseling and the other services your child may need as they start to heal.

If you’re looking for justice after your child has suffered sexual abuse, contact the attorneys at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. Our attorneys have more than four decades of combined experience as well as a deep-seated commitment to helping children who have been abused. Contact our Harrisburg, Pennsylvania offices for your free consultation.

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