Medication Errors

Medication errors occur more often in nursing homes than we would like to believe. Many errors go unreported, since many elderly residents either fail to notice or are hesitant to complain about mistakes. Family members typically do not find out there was an error until their loved one suffers serious health issues.

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Drug Side Effects Can Go Unnoticed Until There Is A Crisis

Nursing home staff members have a duty to review the prescribed medicines of residents to ensure they receive the right drugs and the right dosage. Staff members should also monitor residents following a change in medication for symptoms such as dizziness, which could result in a fall accident.

Signs of medication errors may include:

  • Emergency room visits for health problems
  • Deteriorating health
  • Mental fogginess or dizziness
  • Any unusual health issues

An over-medicated patient may seem listless and inactive. If your loved one does not seem the same following admission to a nursing home, it may be due to a medication error.

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