Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus operators frequently work long hours in stressful situations. While the majority are highly professional and safe drivers, accidents can and do happen.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a bus accident, you have both rights and options for exercising them. These can include insurance claims, lawsuits and potentially criminal charges. While it may be difficult to think clearly about these things in the emotional aftermath of a bus accident, beginning the process early means you will gain the closure you need to move on sooner rather than later.

Because they frequently involve multiple victims, bus accidents have complex legal ramifications that require a skilled lawyer to sort out. At McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., our bus accident lawyers have represented survivors of bus crashes and other similar accidents as well as the surviving relatives of individuals killed in bus accidents. Let us help you find the peace of mind and financial freedom you need to begin a safe recovery.

Bus Accidents and Insurance

One of the reasons bus accident claims take so long to resolve is the sheer amount of victims who may be affected. In most cases, the bus operator’s insurance will cover a minimum $5 million dollars in damages — money that is allocated to cover the medical expenses of riders, staff and other victims. Determining who receives what can take time.

When the total amount of damages exceeds that of the carrier’s policy, or when the claim drags on and on, further action may be necessary. A bus accident attorney may be able to help you take these next steps, whether they involve negotiating a better settlement or taking the company to civil court as either an individual or class action.

Often, transportation carriers involved in a major accident will declare bankruptcy rather than settle a large insurance claim. To prevent this, a bus accident attorney must take swift action, gathering the evidence necessary to mount a successful case before the company can declare itself insolvent.

McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. will work quickly to build a strong case. This can include performing a detailed investigation of the company’s safety record, the driver’s background and other matters that can have an impact on determining liability.

Your Recovery Begins With a Free Initial Consultation

The first step in beginning the investigative process is to contact the bus accident lawyers at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. for your initial consultation. Our team is available to respond to accidents as soon as they happen — we even provide hospital meetings for victims in the early stages of their recovery.

In everything we do, McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. strives to offer honest counsel and informed representation. We understand that many of our clients may be hesitant to seek compensation following a bus accident in which others were killed or injured more severely. It is our belief that everyone is entitled to the freedom to meet their emotional and medical needs during this difficult process. Our bus and auto accident lawyers will give you a clear picture of your options and help you select the best possible way to move forward.

Based in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. serves clients in central PA and throughout the state. Your initial consultation with our team is always free. Contact us today to get started.

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