Distractions Pose a Severe Threat to Drivers and Their Passengers

Car accidents can happen for any number of reasons, but one of the great threats to people on the roads is simple distraction. A moment’s lapse of attention is all it takes for a crash to occur. Sadly, the cost of such a mistake can be high. Drivers in Pennsylvania can benefit from being aware of the risks and trying to stay focused at all times.

In a bid to raise awareness of the dangers of distractions, the U.S. government has released key statistics on an official website for distracted driving. The website highlights a list of possible distractions, from eating and drinking to reading maps or simply talking with passengers. However, one of the key dangers that all too many drivers appear to be guilty of is texting while driving.

According to the website:

  • Around 660,000 drivers in America are estimated to be using cell phones or other electronics while driving at any given point during the daylight hours.
  • A quarter of teenagers have admitted that they respond to texts at least once each time they drive.
  • A fifth of teenagers say they have extended text conversations while driving. Furthermore, 10 percent of parents say they do the same.
  • The average time for which a driver is distracted, with their eyes off the road when responding to a text, is five seconds.

These are alarming figures and it is easy to see why the government is keen to raise awareness. All too many lives are lost because of the irresponsible actions of others. The only option left to the victims is to seek compensation for their injury or loss. However, this can do little to salve the grief of a bereavement or the distress of a long-term injury.

Source: Distraction.gov, “WHAT IS DISTRACTED DRIVING?